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JENar™ F-Theta Lenses

Well-designed beam delivery is the only way of maximizing the efficiency in laser material processing – for drilling, dicing, fine cutting, structuring, perforating, marking and texturing. These are typical applications of JENar™ F-Theta Lenses and JENar™ Beam Expanders.

Jenoptik offers a wide range of standard F-Theta Lenses including models for 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm.   Among them, there are telecentric designed lenses as well as special wide angle lenses. In conjunction with appropriate scan systems, our lenses allow precise imaging for highly accurate micro and macro machining.

Jenoptik also offers custom development of complete optical systems, lenses or individual components to provide uncompromising solutions for specific applications.


JENar™ Beam Expanders

With the 1x to 4x Beam Expanders and the 2x to 10x Beam Expanders Jenoptik offers variable expansion optics to complete the product range of lenses for high precision laser material processing.

Based on an optimized engineering concept, these beam expanders are very robust and compact, so their lens components will experience no rotational shift in the case of a change in setup, which yields improved pointing stability. These Beam Expanders are precisely engraved with the expansion and focusing scales.

In order to provide durable systems and to minimize focus shifts, highly resistant materials and fused silica are used to make them particularly suitable for high power laser applications.


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