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JENOPTIK is proud to offer products and systems that open up new possibilities in the life science and healthcare industries. In the field of medical technology, new methods are constantly being researched to ensure better prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Rising life expectancy along with increasing awareness of health and quality of life have brought the issues of life science and healthcare into sharp public focus.

We offer numerous products for use in medical technology and promise a wealth of technological expertise. Our diode and solid-state lasers are ideal for ophthalmology, dermatology and surgery. Our optical and optoelectronic systems as well as our components for digital imaging and microscope cameras have also proven to be effective solutions in these medical disciplines such as our new IVD solution: JENOPTIK SYIONS. Additionally, we mass produce polymer optical components, which allows us to offer cost-effective systems for applications like blood glucose measurement and endoscopic diagnosis.

Micro-material processing and industrial metrology are highly relevant to medical technology. These high-precision and efficient technologies enable even the smallest components to be produced in a cost-effective way.

As part of the JENOPTIK global group, we leverage international expertise and networking with U.S.-based delivery, allowing for custom product builds. What’s more, you can check the quality of the workpieces and instrumentsㄧeven during the production process.

JENOPTIK systems meet high medical technology standards, and are certified in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard.  With decades of experience in life science research, and an unparalleled commitment to quality, JENOPTIK offers the peace of mind of certified reliability.

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida.

ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified

Aspheres for Manufacturability (PDF | 631 KB)
Pulse Compression Transmission Gratings (PDF | 254 KB)
Diffractive Aspheric Lenses (DALs) (PDF | 187 KB)
9 Optical Pulse Picker (PDF | 295 KB)
7 Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators (PDF | 208 KB)
1 Polymer Systems Capabilities Overview (PDF | 2 MB)
Optoelectronic Componets - LEDs and Photodiodes (PDF | 262 KB)
Electronic Chips and Light Emmitting Diodes (PDF | 282 KB)
Selective Photodiodes (PDF | 251 KB)
Innovative UV Sensor Technology (PDF | 502 KB)
Motheye AR-patterning on PMMA (PDF | 176 KB)
Polymer Optoelectronic Systems (PDF | 220 KB)
Coatings for Polymer Optics (PDF | 904 KB)
Assembly and Packaging Technology LEDs, Photodiodes and Sensors (PDF | 152 KB)
Specialized Polymer Optical Components (PDF | 362 KB)
1 Polymer Micro-Optics for Today's Compact Devices (PDF | 1 MB)
Micro Lens Arrays for Fiber Collimators (PDF | 287 KB)
Refractive Homogenizers (PDF | 302 KB)
UV CaF2 MLA (PDF | 203 KB)
BU Microoptics (PDF | 2 MB)
CAF2 Gaussian Generator (PDF | 301 KB)
Dielectric PCR Gratings (PDF | 338 KB)
Diffractive Beam Shaper (PDF | 225 KB)
Diffractive Beam Splitter (PDF | 216 KB)
Diffractive Diffusers (PDF | 185 KB)
Diffractive Line Generator (PDF | 196 KB)
Digital Neutral Density Filters (PDF | 248 KB)
Gaussian Generator Optics (PDF | 341 KB)
Hybrid Microoptical Elements (PDF | 346 KB)
IR Microoptics (PDF | 367 KB)
Micro Lens Array For Fill Enhancement (PDF | 610 KB)
Micro Lens Array for Shack Hartmann Sensors (PDF | 302 KB)
F-Theta Projection Lenses (PDF | 10 MB)
4 OrthoLine Optical Alignment Cubes (PDF | 265 KB)
6 Imaging the Scrolls (PDF | 949 KB)
5 Optimizing Camera and Processing for UV Images (PDF | 10 MB)
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