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When you’re charged with delivering custom entertainment experiences, you need custom technology solutions built by innovators who speak your language.

From digital customer desktops to the largest stage and movie theater projectors in the world, JENOPTIK develops 2D and 3D projection objective lenses for a wide range of systems. They can be used for innovative wide-angle and high-aperture objective lenses for soaring rides, 3D movie theaters, dark rides and simulators.

Our team is proud to have a proven track record of collaborative projects for a variety of large venue interactions. We have manufacturing facilities in Alabama and Florida, and a project portfolio that has taken us across the globe. JENOPTIK products are used in world-class attractions in the United States, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Japan and China. This experience has provided our team a wide range of expertise in designing high-power laser projection optics for giant screen cinema, planetarium, themed entertainment, simulation and training market.

We offer an extensive scope of manufacturing and design capabilities, and operate in an agile environment, combining iterative project management with crucial flexibility.

JENOPTIK has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 1000 projection lenses for 3-meter to 20-meter domes. Whether you’re looking for a single or multi-projector solution, JENOPTIK has lenses ready for your application. We work closely with the leading laser projector manufacturers to ensure we meet all application specifications. With high lumens (45K to 60K) projectors becoming more prevalent, it is more critical than ever to select the right projection optics.

With our unique breadth of experience, we help our clients solve a number of common industry challenges. We decrease the number of channels used to cover a dome or simulator surface, which in turn also drives down costs and improves return on investment. We help provide more light to the screen with high lumens throughput required by the laser projection. And, we’re able to use all the pixels of 4K projectors by using high contrast levels that nearly diffraction limited and uniform relative illumination.

JENOPTIK provides the dependable expertise you need for a custom, reliable and on-time build.

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