Laser Material Processing Lenses

JENar™ F-Theta Lenses Well-designed beam delivery is the only way of maximizing the efficiency in laser material processing – for drilling, dicing, fine cutting, structuring, perforating, marking and texturing. These are typical applications of JENar™ F-Theta Lenses and JENar™ Beam Expanders. Jenoptik offers a wide range of standard F-Theta Lenses including models for 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 Read More

Standard Products

Our Products are World Class Our Products are World Class Multispectral Lenses CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR 60mm Color corrected for 310 nm – 1100 nm imaging CoastalOpt® UV 105 mm Lens Color corrected for 250 nm – 650 nm imaging Fisheye Lenses 185° Fisheye 2/3″ Video Lens 6.8mm image circle for 2/3″ sensor format 185° Fisheye Digital SLR Lens Read More