Light Modulators

Modulating Amplitude, Phase and Polarization

Light modulators for modulation of amplitude, phase and polarization as well as for pulse formation, pulse rate reduction and fast switching of high and low power lasers from JENOPTIK.

Fast switching times and usability over a broad range of wavelengths from visible to infrared are just two of the modulators’ outstanding features. The modulators are available as one- and two-dimensional, controllable liquid crystal arrays and as fiber-coupled, integrated optical compact modulators.

Liquid Crystal Optical Modulators

Liquid Crystal Optical Modulators

Liquid-Crystal-ModulatorLiquid crystal modulators feature a broad range of controllable electro-optical properties such as optical activity and birefringence.  For this reason, they are excellently suited to achieve a defined modulation setting in terms of amplitude, phase and polarization.  Based on the electrical control of the optical properties of a nematic liquid crystal layer, phase, amplitude or the polarization state of a light wave can be controlled.

In a 4f-arrangement or in a cpa-system (chirped pulse amplification) the Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators are excellent tools for modulation of femto second laser pulses in wavelength ranges from 430 nm to 1600 nm.

Custom designs and modifications for specialized applications are possible.




Integrated Optical Amplitude and Phase Light Modulators

Integrated Optical Amplitude and Phase Light Modulators

Intergrated-ModulatorBoth the Integrated Optical Amplitude Modulator and Phase Modulator are compact fiber-coupled electro-optical light-modulators. Providing fast electro-optic response, both allow for modulation frequencies as high as the Gigahertz range.

Available modulators can handle wavelengths in the visible and the infrared spectrum.


  • Analog modulation with high dynamics
  • Digital modulation
  • Short laser pulse generation
  • Photo finishing
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • Interferometric metrology


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