Optical Lens Systems

Optical Lens Systems ( 23 Files )

Custom Design and Manufacture of Lens Systems and CoastalOpt®, JENar™ and JENmetar Standard Lenses.
Microoptic Design & Fabrication

Microoptic Design & Fabrication ( 27 Files )

Fabrication of Refractive and Diffractive Microoptics in materials for the broad spectrum including UV through LWIR.
JENOPTIK Light Modulators

JENOPTIK Light Modulators ( 9 Files )

Phase and amplitude modulators for visible and IR wavelengths in waveguide and liquid crystal formats.
Press Releases

Press Releases ( 5 Files )

Press Releases for Download
Polymer Optical Systems

Polymer Optical Systems ( 18 Files )

Examples of polymer optics systems capabilities including electronic integration.

Corporate ( 7 Files )

Capabilities Overview, ISO Certificates, Customer Satisfaction Survey, etc.

Inquiry ( 3 Files )

Custom Lens Request form. Parameters to consider when requesting a custom lens.
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