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Custom Lenses, Precision Manufacturing

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. delivers tested precision optics on aggressive schedules for customers in the Lifescience Research, Inspection & Metrology, Defense, Entertainment, Astronomical Research and Space markets.

With 125 employees across three facilities, we are positioned to support your project from hardware development through
volume manufacturing.


Optical Assemblies

Delivery of tested precision optical assemblies is the focus Jenoptik Optical Systems facility in Jupiter, FL. OEM serial production accounts for the majority of our shipments.


Integrated optical and mechanical design, fabrication, assembly and optical test in Jupiter to assure the fewest delays in development and successful delivery of your hardware.   Volumes range from 1000 units/year for precision machine vision lenses to one-of-a-kind optics used for space flight instrumentation and theme park attractions.

Our engineers work closely with optical designers to assist in balancing trade-offs between manufacturability, cost and performance during material selection and tolerancing phases of the design. The same engineering goes into design of meaningful acceptance test criteria for your project.

As part of JENOPTIK, we leverage the worldwide technical and manufacturing capabilities of a global optics and lasers company.



JENOPTIK Optical System operates 2 shifts per day in our 2400 sq. ft optical assembly department including:

  • Six assembly stations
  • Five vertical alignment stations with air- bearing rotary tables (Opto-Alignment)
  • Clean Room with Laminar Flow Table (Class 100) and optical isolation table



Optical Test

Fully tested and qualified assemblies are the core business of JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc.  Optical test capabilities both on the production floor and for final acceptance testing are fundamental to our success.    For OEM assemblies,  testing often involves custom metrology configurations which include a mixture of interferometry,  MTF, transmission and "as used" imaging tests.

Available capabilities for optical test include :


  • Optikos QC Bench (MTF Testing)
  • PhaseShift MicroXAM Surface Mapping Microscope  (surface micro-roughness)
  • Four Zygo GPI XP High Resolution Interferometers
  • Two  interferometric radius test benches
  • 12-inch aperture Zygo Mark IV phase-measuring interferometers
  • Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf Contact Profilometer

Aspheric Manufacturing

Precision Asphere capability coupled with experience

Precision aspheres have been a distinguishing product  in the Jupiter facility since the founding of Coastal Optical in 1991.  In 2002, the company transitioned from conventional polishing by master opticians to deterministic CNC polishing using QED’s MRF® technology.



In 2002 JENOPTIK successfully delivered the first MRF® polished aspheric flight hardware to Ball Aerospace for the Calipso program.  Since then, we have regularly delivered precision aspheres in fused silica, calcium fluoride, zerodur, ULE, silicon and optical glasses in sizes from 15 mm to 240 mm in diameter.  Applications include optics for space, military, scientific and entertainment.


Diamond Turned IR Optics


Single point diamond turning was added to the Jupiter, FL facility in 2010 extending the total custom optics capabilities of JENOPTIK in
the United States.



Infrared materials including germanium (Ge) , calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc sulfide (ZnS), zinc selenide (ZnSe), aluminium (Al) and chalcogenide glasses like AMTIR are turned.

These new US based capabilities compliment the extensive diamond turning capabilities of JENOPTIK AG in Jena, Germany.


Unique Pairing with Infrared Microoptics

Leveraging our wafer scale fabrication technologies in Huntsville, AL, JENOPTIK has the unique capability to fabricate microoptics in the same range of infrared materials using state of the art lithographic techniques. The ability to pair diamond turned infrared optics with highly efficient wafer level infrared microoptics is a unique capability that allows for truly “one of a kind” optical solutions.



Optical & Mechanical Design

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. provides unique and custom precision engineered solutions on a case-by-case basis. For many projects, we provide optical and mechanical design. We also provide mechanical design based on a customer supplied optical design.

Engineering Team

Optical Design

For optical design and analysis JENOPTIK's engineering staff primarily uses ZEMAX- EE and Code V.



For microoptic applications, we use LightTrans VirtualLab™.



Mechanical Design

Fully integrated and networked production systems are used to create plans and take a product from idea, to drawings, through prototyping and ultimately production.

Mechanical design and drafting primarily use UGS/Solid Edge and ANSYS for finite element analysis.

Designs range from fixed focus to those with integrated stepper motors for focus, magnification and aperture control.


With polished optics, JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. manufactures to the tolerances listed in the chart below.   In systems manufacture, component tolerances are held to the tightest degree necessary to ensure optical performance without adding unnecessary cost.   For components, the cost implications of moving to a tighter tolerance category can mean multiples of the cost of the next lower grade.


Optical Coatings

JENPOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. has 5 coating chambers between the Easthampton and Jupiter facilities for coating of optics produced in these facilities.


In March 2006, an ion-assist chamber was installed in the Florida location configured for larger optics and in March 2009,  a second chamber was added.



The Jupiter chambers are ion-assist chambers and run primarily AR coatings for 50 mm to 150 mm diameter elements.  This configuration covers much of our serial production and complements coating capabilities in Easthampton.

Coatings are designed and analyzed using Filmstar Optical Thin Film software.  filmstar




Optical Polishing

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. polishes optics in both Jupiter, Florida and Easthampton, MA.

Easthampton specializes in

  • spherical optics 0.5 mm to 100 mm diameter
  • low scatter, tight tolerance optics

Jupiter polishes larger optics

  • spheres to 500 mm
  • flats to 300 mm
  • aspheres to 240 mm in diameter.

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