Polymer Optical Systems

Experienced delivering high volumes

JENOPTIK has a history of delivering polymer optical components goes back over 50 years.  We are currently delivering over 10 million polymer based optical systems per year manufactured in our four European manufacturing facilities.

Some facts about JENOPTIK’s global polymer optics capabilities:

  • We have delivered  100 million blood sugar measurement device to the market since 1995.
  • Our manufacturing processes conform to FDA regulations, and we are DIN ISO 13485 and TS 16949 certified.
  • The only  plastic optics manufacturer in Europe that has the ISO9001/ TS 16949 Certification meeting quality system standards for the automotive industry which ensures alignment of the business structures that utilize the “project management system” approach.

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Our markets include experience in many market segments including consumer, automotive, medical, and military applications.

Design for Manufacturing Process

We take projects from specifications, through design, proof of concept and prototyping, to mass production with multi-cavity injection molding capabilities and opto-electronic assembly and packaging. With in-house experts to carry you through the development process including optical design and analysis, molding tool design and manufacture, process automation design, and metrology, we offer our customers every opportunity for success.


Process Development R&D for Materials

JENOPTIK is actively involved in continuous research, mainly together with research institutes and business partners. Our research is primarily in the field of material development of microstructures, micro-optic molding, and assembly technologies for realizing high positioning accuracies.

System Fabrication and System Assembling

We offer complete development and fabrication of components and complex opto-mechanical-electronic systems.  This includes product and feasibility studies as well as process development, quality management, and consultation.

In system fabrication we are equipped with mechanical joining process technologies, bonding technologies, and ultrasonic and laser welding technologies. Additionally, we have hot stamping with fully automated, partly automated, and manual processes.  Depending on product requests, the assembly steps are realised in clean room classes of 100,000 to 100.

The continuous expansion of technologies enables innovative manufacturing solutions. The design, development, and realisation of the mechanical fixtures and equipment are carried out in separate phases,  from system prototypes to complex systems in quantity production.

Assembly and Packaging Technology

Compensation and micro-assembly, based on assembly and packaging technology, present general solutions for opto-electronic and opto-mechanical systems in the process chain.  All technological steps permit synergies, from wafer dicing, to chip bonding and encapsulation, to active positioning of optical components with extreme precision (<<10 µm). Compact system design can be realized in consistent high quality from prototype to series fabrication.

All steps necessary for the system are carried out in a class 100 clean room environment. These steps include chip bonding, encapsulation, active positioning, and the 100% end test.

This continuity allows for a compact system construction of optical components and modules along side electronic component (sensor chip, LED, etc.).

  • Layout design
  • Sampling and prototyping
  • Series production, including SMD insertion
  • Contract mounting of components
  • Sewing service
  • Material logistic
Available Technologies:
  • Wafer dicing
  • Chip bonding
  • Gold wire bonding
  • Aluminum wire bonding
  • Encapsulation
  • Opto-packaging
  • Separation
  • Final test