Optical & Mechanical Design

3JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. provides unique and custom precision engineered solutions on a case-by-case basis. Typical project starting points vary from customer supplied optical designs requiring review for manufacturability to “back of the napkin” sketches with application requirements.

Design Goals

Primary design challenges can be meeting optical performance, meeting optical performance at environmental conditions, or meeting performance with price and volume targets.  Iterative design cycles including optical design and tolerancing, mechanical design with finite element analysis are common.

Build Strategies

Meeting performance often requires build strategies dependent on optical designs providing active compensators utilized during real-time optical metrology or dependent  on design recomputations with actual melt data and “as fabricated” element data.

Optical Design & Analysis

For optical design and analysis JENOPTIK’s engineering staff primarily uses ZEMAX- EE and Code V.

Having experts in both optical design codes, we are able to leverage the strengths of Code V and ZEMAX and run designs in parallel on both design tools.

For microoptic applications, we use LightTrans VirtualLab™.


Engineering Team

Mechanical Design & Analysis

Mechanical design and drafting primarily use DS Solidworks for design and DS Solidworks Simulation for finite element analysis.

Analysis complexity ranges from basic thermal considerations to motion analysis required to support designs in motion or with intergrated stepper motors for focus, magnification and aperture control.

Design Control & Data Management

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. uses SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM to manage all product data. It is ensures all product information and revision history is securely stored and changes are limited to authorized users following the prescribed development processes.


Typical Projects

JENOPTIK’s proprietary designs have been used in:
  • fluorescence imaging equipment
  • commercial spectrometers
  • laser scanning instruments
  • motion picture cameras
  • 35 mm cameras
  • digital cameras
  • CMOS cameras
  • video cameras
  • dome theaters
  • amusement park theaters
  • museum projection systems