Diamond Turned IR Optics

Single point diamond turning was added to the Jupiter, FL facility in 2010 extending the manufacturing capabilities of JENOPTIK in the US.



Infrared materials including germanium (Ge), calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc sulfide (ZnS), zinc selenide (ZnSe), aluminium (Al) and chalcogenide glasses like AMTIR are turned.

Unique Pairing with Infrared Microoptics

Leveraging our wafer scale fabrication technologies in Huntsville, AL, JENOPTIK has the unique capability to fabricate microoptics in the same range of infrared materials using state of the art lithographic techniques. The ability to pair diamond turned infrared optics with highly efficient wafer level infrared microoptics is a unique capability that allows for truly “one of a kind” optical solutions.

Compliments Polished Asphere Manufacture

Complimentary capabilities in the Jupiter facility including profilometry, stitching apheric interferometry, CMM,  an MRF computer controlled polishing allow for meeting a broad range of unique and demanding figure and surface quality requirements.

Commercial and Government Applications

JENOPTIK Optical Systems has facilities in Jupiter, FL and Huntsville, AL and is a key supplier of polished optics and sub assemblies for defense applications. The diamond turning capability is an extended capability to better serve these customers along with other commercial requirements.