Hardware Investment Results in Significant Expansion of Optical Design and Analysis Capabilities

ones_zerosCoastal Optical Systems’ business is delivery of optically tested assemblies and sub assemblies. Success often depends on comprehensive tolerance analysis and the ability to tweak designs for the realities of fabrication.

To take full advantage of the design and analytical tools available and strengthen our in-house capabilities, Coastal recently invested in an eight (8) CPU “bleeding edge” server for optical simulation and the initial results have been quite startling.

Enables thorough evaluation of solution space

“The real advantage of the new hardware is understated by the impressive benchmarking results” says Jay Kumler, president and lead in-house optical engineer at Coastal. The speed allows us to evaluate more potential solution spaces and quickly optimize within the best possibilities to an extent not feasible before. Effective gains from ray-tracing, diffraction calculations and optimization runs with this 8 CPU system seem to far exceed the improvement suggested by the hard benchmark results.

The point was proven by revisiting some existing designs manufactured at Coastal. Using the new tool, spot size performance improvements of 15% were achieved. The number of glass types were also reduced which equates to fewer coating runs required in production. This results in cost savings for our customer.

“The results in this one example were stunning “, agreed Amir Tal, optical engineer at Coastal. “This was a fully developed design that met customer performance requirements and expectations after manufactured. Now it is better.”

Intel Core i7 Platform

The computer architecture includes Intel’s Core i7 processors coupled with their latest QuickPath Interconnect technology on the motherboard while also using Mtron Pro 7500 solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration through an Areca Sata II controller. These state-of-the art components provide exceptional computing horsepower for Zemax.

10X - 15X improvement in simulation and modeling speeds

The ZEMAX benchmarking standard shows an improvement of 10X – 15X in performance across all evaluation criteria compared to a standard 2 CPU platform and 2X the published results for an earlier 8 processor system.

New 8 CPU System Existing 2 CPU System Measure
17.03 million 1.45 million rays per second
204.39 million 17.38 million ray-surfaces per second
58.51 thousand 9.37 thousand system updates per second

Cost and Performance improvements

“Coastal’s commitment to in-house engineering in support of manufacturing is reflected by this investment”, said Jay. “Our customers are increasing requirements for performance and cost optimization. Improved designs with more extensive analysis are one way Coastal can deliver both. This capability allows us to work more efficiently with independent optical designers and hardware customers”.

Coastal Optical Systems, part of JENOPTIK | Optical Systems division specializes in rapid design and manufacture of custom precision lens assemblies for defense, security & aerospace, life science research, machine vision & metrology, digital imaging & projection and astronomical research markets.



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