CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR lens images the Dead Sea Scrolls

Working with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, Dr. Greg Bearman (www.snapshotspectra.com) has used the CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR 60 mm lens for imaging of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


 The work, performed in August, is part of a technology qualification for digitizing the scrolls. High resolution visible and IR images will allow for precise detection of deterioration and allow researchers worldwide to view the Scrolls electronically.


Worldwide interest

Announcement of the work has drawn great interest worldwide including articles in the New York Times.  The digitizing project is the first comprehensive documentation effort since a 1950's project where the scrolls were imaged using infrared film.



CoastalOpt® Lens paired with CRI tunable filter

The CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-NIR 60mm lens was used in conjunction with a CRI Nuance™ tunable digital filter  to provide images in specific bandwiths within the filters range.  Additional representative images are available for download here.


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