Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays are solutions for applications where there is a need for accurate alignment, size, and packaging cost reduction. JENOPTIK Microoptics can design and manufacture microlens arrays using gray scale technology, attaining higher uniformity and fill factors not possible with reflow or binary optics thinning. The shape of these microlens arrays can be square, hexagonal, Read More

Microlens Arrays for Shack Hartmann Sensors

A Shack Hartmann sensor measures the intensity profile and the wavefront of coherent light in real time and with high accuracy. The sensor divides an incident wavefront into a number of beamlets by the subapertures of a microlens array. Each microlens provides a separate focus on the sub grid of detectors on a CCD camera. Read More

Microlens Arrays for Fiber Collimators

Microlens arrays can be used both for collimating a light beam emitted by a fiber or coupling light into a fiber. The numerical aperture of the collimator is optimized for maximum coupling efficiency and the lens shape can be chosen to maximize performance within the system. JENOPTIK designs and manufactures custom microlens arrays for fiber Read More

Microlens Arrays for Fill Factor Enhancement

Microlens arrays are used to increase focal plane array optical fill factor by up to three times. These tiny lens systems serve to focus and concentrate the light onto the photodiode surface instead of allowing it to fall on non-photosensitive areas of the pixel device. Using a microlens array will enhance the sensitivity and dynamic Read More

Refractive Homogenizers

Refractive Homogenizers utilize microlens arrays to overlap a beam at the image plane even if the field angle or angular spread of the incident light is large. All outputs are integrated together making it highly uniform. Homogenizers are especially useful for laser applications that require a laser beam to maintain a controlled shape and uniform Read More